L-Citrulline Powder

Supports Healthy Nitric Oxide Levels in the Body*



Healthy Origins® American-Made L-Citrulline supplies an amino acid that is a precursor to L-Arginine production in the body. Since L-Citrulline helps to boost L-Arginine levels, it is a great choice for athletes looking to optimize their athletic performance during high intensity workouts.*

L-Citrulline also serves as an important intermediate in the urea cycle. The urea cycle converts bodily ammonia into urea which is easily excreted by the body. Since excess ammonia can be very detrimental for the body, maintaining the proper level of L-Citrulline is very important.*

Consider taking Healthy Origins® L-Citrulline along with Healthy Origins® L-Arginine for enhanced athletic and cardiovascular support.*