Manufacturing & Ingredients
Where are your products manufactured?
All of our contract manufacturing is done in the USA with exception of our Coconut Oil (Canada), Flax Oil (Canada), Chia Seed (Canada), Organic Spirulina (India) and Organic Chlorella (India).
Are Healthy Origins products manufactured in GMP facilities?
Yes, they are. Healthy Origins products are always manufactured with strict compliance to the FDA mandated GMP’s (Good Manufacturing Practices).
Are your products tested by an independent laboratory?
Absolutely! Our products are independently tested for potency, allergens, microbiological contaminants and heavy metals. Testing is available upon request.
Do you list all ingredients on your labels?
Yes, all ingredients used in our formulas are listed on the label.
What type of gelatin do you use?
We only use kosher/halal certified bovine (beef) gelatin in our products.
About Us
How long has Healthy Origins existed?
Healthy Origins has been a family-owned and operated business since our inception in early 1996.
What sets Healthy Origins apart from other brands?
We distinguish our brand through our attention to detail in both our formulations and active ingredients. The majority of our ingredients are branded, patented ingredients that have significant clinical research behind them. After we source the right ingredient, we then scrutinize the manufacturing formulation to assure our customer that they are consuming the cleanest formulation available for that particular product.
Where can I buy your products?
Healthy Origins products are available at vitamin stores and e-commerce retailers worldwide. Please see our “where to buy” link for further information.